Do you really know the people around you? The popular jock who secretly is extraordinarily tolerant. That snotty “It Girl” who is breaking down inside. Or the quiet girl who turned out to be a badass spy…

The Mighty Shy Spy 4


“OMG! I know, right!?” How’d I get stuck in this seat? Another scream from the girls behind me as the bus jumps and bounces. Then an eruption of giggles and “LOL”s. I should have gotten a seat closer to him. I lean out of my seat to take a quick peak. There he is, sitting at the fourth row on the left side. Jacob Emerson; popular; on the basketball team(this bus is headed to one of our games); funny; the boy that every girl dreams of. He is also my—


I feel the blood trickling down my face from the shards of broken glass. A man jumped in through my window and over me. The intruder points a gun at my head and wears a stern face.

“Echo Lock! Come with me!” The bus pulls over and the girls start screaming again. ‘Tsk…” The intruder looks flabbergasted and a bit taken back. “I said come with me! Agent of AOCA!” I can’t believe this guy! I finally burst into laughter, this time everyone is taken back. “AHAHAHA! Did they really believe that they could abduct me with just one agent!” I gasp for air. This is too funny! The man begins to tremble and he shoots. I swiftly duck and swoop under him and hit his wrist with the bottom of my palm, immobilizing it. He drops the gun into my hands. I spin around to get momentum and slam my elbow into his stomach which pushes him backwards. As he’s stumbling on his feet, I jump and kick under his chin with my left foot. And when he doubles over, I kick the back of his head with my right foot, all while remaining in the air. The agency teaches us to move fast; never give the enemy an opening. I put my right foot on top of his chest which makes him heave. I point the gun at him,”You guys really need to recruit better agents.”

He’s about to blackout when he sees Jacob. “You!” Shoot. “You’re her target!” An ear splitting hollow noise emits from the gun. Several girls scream while the rest huddle together. The guys stare with wide eyes, or some are turned away.The enemy agent is dead. He is still facing Jacob; Jacob is staring back. He is different from everyone else, he wears an unreadable expression. What is he thinking right now. Fear? Sorrow? Horror? Shock? He must just be shocked; he’s just shocked to no emotion. I end my thoughts at that conclusion. However, the notion still lingers in my head from dissatisfaction.

I look around; but they’re all looking at me. I got carried away! The agency is going to eat me alive for this. I jog up to the bus driver. “Drive everyone to this address.”  I give him a slip of paper. “Are you kidding me? I’m going to call the police!” He looks at me with a determined face. He’s quite brave, however…”Let’s not forget that I have a gun.” I lift up the gun and twirl it around. With a smile, of course. The driver’s eyes widen and he starts the bus. I guess he did just forget. What a shame, he might have been good material.

Eyes follow me, but do not look at me, as I walk back to my seat. I pick up my fallen duffle bag and place the gun inside. Let me continue from earlier. Jacob Emerson: popular, on the basketball team, funny, the boy of every girl’s dreams, and my target.

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