Chapter 1

The Mighty Shy Spy 4

“Congratulations on the success of your mission, Echo.”

“Well it is my job anyway, dad.” I walk towards the door and it opens automatically. I peak a look at Jerald in the room as I turn the corner. His shoulders are squished inward and he’s slouching with his head down, trying to make himself look small. I smile a little. Now that’s what I call a success.

I touch my fingers to the wall. The hallway is kind of narrow. I walk with my arms out on each side. I lightly glide my fingers over both walls. I stop and press my hands on both of them. The hallway is so narrow. Why is it so narrow? I press harder on the walls. I can’t breathe. Why is the hallway so narrow? You should get out, Echo. The walls were closing. Would you like to end up like me? It isn’t my voice anymore. I’m heaving for air and start sprinting.

I punch in the combination for my room. I hear the door lock close as I jump in. I reach into my pocket and search for it. I pull out the locket and drop onto my bed. It’s gold with random line carvings on it, I put it under my lamp and watch it shimmer. I watch it under the light for what seems like an eternity. I swallow the bile in my throat. Where are you? I hear someone tapping the lock pad and quickly stash it under a pile of dirty laundry.

“Forget something?” Talbot throws my mp3 on my bed. “Oh, thanks.” I pick it up turn on Sky Fall by Adele and it tunnels through the wires, into my ears. Sometimes I think this song is a cool theme song for what I do, a little stereotypical, but it’s catchy. “Dad has a new mission for you.” He tells me as he plops down on the bed beside me. “Where is it this time, New York?           Pennsylvania?” I say nonchalantly and take a quick glance at the pile of dirty clothes. “High school.” He smiles. ” And why do you always ask those places anyway?” His curious big brown eyes dig into me and I look away. I can’t look at him anymore, his eyes, her eyes. “High school? Why? What do they have there for me to do?” I ask, ignoring his question. “There’s an undercover agent in Lincoln High School from Reconstruction, the group that was headed by the guy from your mission yesterday, Jake, was it? Anyway, we need you to find and expose the agent they sent.”

“And how exactly do I do that?” I ask, scrolling through my songs. “Make some friends, get close to suspicious people.”

“Are you kidding? I’m not making friends with those stupid high school students.” I’ve seen them before, they’re weird creatures. They walk around with groups, not having a single care in the world. They disgust me, how can they be so relaxed? I guess at the same time I am a bit jealous. “Come on, just make some friends, we’ll give you more information on what the agent looks like when we find it, keep this cell to stay in touch, until then, just get comfortable, we’ll get you to stay with Aunt Mag.”I’m starting to get frustrated, this might be the only mission that I will fail. “But, how do I make friends?” I say a bit helplessly. “I don’t know, just be kind, trustworthy, I’m sure it will come to you naturally eventually.” He says in a gentle voice. He seems actually jealous, I guess I should be grateful, for once I could be a normal teenager. Except, “How can I be trustworthy? I’m literally going to be lying about my whole life there.” What kind of normal teenager does that?

Talbot sighs with a pleading smile. “Fine, when do I leave?” I ask finally. “Tomorrow.” He says. I swallow, so soon? Talbot puts his arm around me and squeezes me. “Hey! Relax, okay? You’ll be fine.” I lean into him for a minute, sometimes I feel that my brother is the only one there with me. “Oh, right, it is in New York this time, for once, you’re right.” My stomach tightens. “Really?” I manage to say. “Yup.” He gets up and dusts himself off. He stays standing facing away from me for a minute,then turns around. “Don’t try to think you’ll find mom there, she’s gone, okay, please learn to realize that.” His face is very serious. He walks out and just as the door latches, the tears start.

Thanks for reading! The next chapter will be Chapter 2.


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