About Me


Hi! My name is Vivian! I’m a middle school student. My dream is to become a writer when I grow up. And well, I guess you have to start somewhere. My idol would have to be the author Gordon Korman. He had written his first book in 7th grade! My goal is to publish at least one book before I graduate college. So, I have a lot of time, but all that means is a better book! I hope to write a trilogy. I like to read series, however, after three books, it just feels like it’s dragging on. I had actually met Gordon Korman before. I had won a writing contest to have lunch with him when he came to visit my school. It wasn’t a very good experience, though. I had strep throat at the time and I kept focusing on not  hacking up mucus through every hole in my head. ( My bad luck continued; it turned out that I was allergic to my antibiotics.)

In this blog, I will write short stories and online novels. I got this idea after reading a manga where the main character had an online blog. Then, one day one of her stories got published into a book. As I’m sure many writers or writing lovers will tell you, math is boring to me. However, I do kind of like algebra. I am in the honors class (at least while I was writing this) so I take pre-algebra. I like it because everything works out. It’s kind of cool when you think about it; you can figure out parts of the world through just an equation. This is also the same reason why I liked learning genetics. I found it very interesting to all of a sudden become aware of why you are you.

My Interests:

You can call my hobby thinking, and over thinking at that. I used to be really afraid of what people thought of me, so now I have the skill of what you might call “walking in other people’s shoes”. Before doing my actions, I would think how the other person may have reacted. Not just on the outside, but in their heads and if they would talk about it behind my back. As you can tell, I was very self conscious back then. Now I use this skill to develop characters and stories. Based on the events happening, how might that affect the  characters emotions and thoughts.

In my free time I like to read manga and watch anime. I want to say that I watch stuff that’s cool and action-y like Attack on Titan or Full Metal Alchemist but no, I like Shoujo (animes/mangas aimed towards young girls). My favorite anime was Shugo Chara (the manga was better though). My first anime was Ouran High School Host Club (of course when I was, like, 7 or 8). When I rediscovered anime and fell in love once again was when someone brought in a Naruto movie at the end of the school year. Starting that day, I watched Naruto every spare second I had.

Sometimes I like to do photography. All the pictures on the website were taken and edited by me. It’s actually really fun to edit the pictures for the blog.

My favorite genre is science fiction. Then within that a love story on the side. Also, don’t forget the action. I also love it when they sprinkle some comedy in there. I also like to read sad stories/tragedy. My first favorite book was called Scarlett by Cassy Cassedy.

I also like basketball. (Yes, the book-worm-blogger-part-time-otaku likes to play basketball). I was on the basketball team and went to basketball camp the summer before. Let me frank, one reason I joined was to show myself that I wasn’t a complete otaku.(If you’re wondering what otaku means, it’s Japanese and means someone who prefers the internet over a social life.) Then, I found that I really enjoyed being on the team.

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